1991 Over The Years

Over the Years (1991)


  1. The Singer, Not The Song (Peter Ratzenbeck/Schiffkowitz)
  2. Song For Brigitte (Peter Ratzenbeck)
  3. Ragtime Nightmare (Peter Ratzenbeck/Tom Turpin)
  4. Brandenberg Rag (Peter Ratzenbeck)
  5. Lady Nothings Toye Puffe (trad.)
  6. An Irish Dream (Andy Irvine)
  7. Montsegur (Peter Ratzenbeck)
  8. If I Only Knew How (Colin Wilkie)
  9. Shebeg & Shemore (trad./arr. Peter Ratzenbeck)
  10. Aragon Mill (Si Khan/arr. Andy Irvine)
  11. Tout Les Ans (Peter Ratzenbeck)
  12. Chattanooga Cho Cho (Gordon/Warren/arr.Peter Ratzenbeck)
  13. The Claw (J. R. Hubbard/arr. Peter Ratzenbeck)
  14. Orphan & Anyji (trad./Davey Graham jeweils  arr. Peter Ratzenbeck)
  15. The Return From The Tintagel (Brigitte Ratzenbeck)
  16. Wellington The Wellington (Michael Chapman/arr. Peter Ratzenbeck)
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